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Welcome to OxyAire of Beverly Hills

The hello you get, the more oxygen deficiency becomes an issue.


There are 3 crucial strategies for spa growth.

1. Updating new products and services.

2. Aligning with vendors whom assist in your marketing growth.

3. Investing in products and services that has a low overhead cost but brings increased value and new revenue streams.

  "Spa revenue in the U.S. grew 4.5% to 13.4 billion at the end  2011 from a year
earlier. Spas have implemented a range of  Strategies to stimulate demand and increase visits. Increase number of treatment offerings was named among a few"

We are in the business of bringing maximum value and
service to your spa.

So you can bring maximum value and service to your clients.
Oxyaire provides  quality OxyAire  units for estheticians, massage therapist, and hair stylist. By incorporating OxyAire units at your spa, your clients may anticipate wonderful results! This is due to the increased pressure in our units, which naturally increases the fusion of oxygen and product into a person’s skin or scalp.

Please contact OxyAire of Beverly Hills for more details as well as a demonstration. You can get started by calling 626-255-6884. Our units are designed for spa use only.

Don't get taken from those high priced medical machines and the pushing of product down your throat.

Unlike our competitors our Units are designed for spa use only. Pressure not the flow is what makes the difference in our units. The increased pressures in our units increase the infusion of Oxygen and  products into the skin or scalp.This will lead to wonderful results for all your clients. We have made it affordable.

OxyAire of Beverly Hills has made it simple for you to own an affordable Oxygen Unit that will ensure that your mind & body can have the oxygen it needs to help reduce stress, restore energy, increase brain function and slow the appearance of aging. 

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