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Oxygen Therapy

For years, Oxygen Therapy was only available through the use of medical technology under the supervision of a doctor or respiratory therapist. Now recreational oxygen therapy has been developed so that everyday people can reap the natural health benefits it provided through an OxyAire Oxygen Bar. OxyAire is the first choice when it comes to high end, luxurious treatments.

An OxyAire Oxygen Bar session can give one an amazing euphoric experience that will leave you full of energy, refreshed and detoxified. Aroma therapy scents can be added to the oxygen to increase the therapeutic benefits one receives. Oxygen has long been used by athletes to give them an energy boost during workouts and games due to the fact that their muscles need more oxygen for endurance & performance.

The air we breathe is only 20% oxygen. Breathing through an Oxygen Bar will present you with up to 90% oxygen.

Have you noticed that when you go to a city with poor air quality, it becomes difficult for you to breathe; you become drained & fatigued easily? This is due to a shortage of quality oxygen in the air. Oxygen therapy is the way to go when you need an all natural solution to rejuvenate you whole body.

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