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Oxygen Facial & Body Concentrator

The OxyAire Oxygen Facial & Body Concentrator is the top secret tool in achieving smooth celebrity quality skin!


This portable, self-contained oxygen concentrator delivers a topical spray of pure oxygen and liquid skincare products to the skin. It has customizable facial treatment protocols for anti-aging, rejuvenating, acne and more! Includes a starter pack of Oxygen Botanicals for use with a OxyAire Brush Tool.


  • Dimensions 69.9 (H) X 41.9 (W) X 36.8 (D)cm
  • Power Consumption 350 watts
  • Weight 24.5 kg

Service Perks:

  • Free Delivery
  • Free Installation
  • Free One on One Training
  • Affordable Solution to Generate More Profits
  • OxyAire Extended Warranty
  • Free Machine Maintenance

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