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OxyAire O2 Generator

The OxyAire O2 Generator is not your average oxygen bar. This generator was designed to be used during spa facials, massages. It's light weight, ultra quiet and portable.It is recommended for home use, corporate, medical, sport, health spas & schools. Perfect for beauty schools graduates too!


The OxyAire O2 Generator is the leading spa technology in oxygen therapy units. This is a state of the art oxygen producing machine. The user takes the oxygen via a headset or a nose hose through an internally attached humidifier bottle. The unit produces negative ions and can be used to produce more oxygen in a closed environment.


  • Size: 36cm(d) x 15cm(w) x 36cm(h)
  • Weight: Less than 5kg
  • Timer: Up to 90 minutes
  • Power: Ac220-240v 60/50hertz 60w
  • O2 Generator Method: Membrane at 3lpm
  • O2 purity over 30% with oxygen dispenser
  • Negative Ion Generator: Clean fresh oxygen
  • Can be used as a Vending Machine

Service Perks:

  • Free Delivery
  • Free Installation
  • Free One on One Training
  • Affordable Solution to Generate More Profits
  • Free Aroma Therapy Oils
  • OxyAire Extended Warranty
  • Free Machine Maintenance

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