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Our Mission

The mission of OxyAire of Beverly Hills is to globally educate individuals regarding the challenges of oxygen-deprivation. This applies to the skin, muscles, and scalp.    

Some of the amazing benefits of using oxygen to purify your body are:

  • Increases and enhances physical performance
  • Speeds metabolism/maximum fat burning
  • Increases awareness and concentration
  • Strengthens overall immune system
  • Increases production of Melanin
  • Relieves chronic/migraine headaches
  • Decreases blood/alcohol levels
  • Reduces wrinkling and aging
  • Increases blood flow/circulation
  • Increases stamina/staying power
  • Relaxes both mind and body
  • Creates overall feeling of well-being
  • Provides Energy that lasts for hours!!!!

Experience a rejuvenating OxyAire session at a spa or salon near you!